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Plain Foil Tape

VTACK™ Plain Foil Tape

- 1540: VTACK™️ Premium Acrylic Plain Foil Tape

- 1541: VTACK™️ Premium Rubber Plain Foil Tape

The VTACK™ Plain Aluminium Foil Tape contains a 40u(micron) high strength nominal soft aluminium foil with a PREMIUM QUALITY VTACK™ adhesive and protected by an easy peel release liner. The flexible foil applies easily to both sheet metal and fibrous ducts and conforms well to many irregular surfaces.


The VTACK™ Plain Foil Tape provides easy application and superior performance and durability over a wide range of demanding temperatures and environments. The product is also suitable for many other permanent sealing, holding, splicing or masking applications requiring the protection offered by a foil backing.

Reinforced Foil Tape

VTACK™ Reinforced Foil Tape

- 2211FA: VTACK™️ Premium Acrylic Reinforced Foil Tape

- 2218: VTACK™️ Premium Rubber Reinforced Foil Tape

- 2310: VTACK™️ Heavy Duty Reinforced Foil Tape

The VTACK™ Reinforced Foil Tape consists of a premium aluminum foil, laminated with an improved polyethylene mesh and coated with a high strength VTACK™ adhesive and protected by an easy peel release liner.

Designed for use as a permanent vapor seal for reinforced aluminium faced fiberglass or mineral wool thermal insulation, fibrous and sheet metal ducts as well as FSK systems. Superior performance over a wide range of demanding temperatures and environments.

Fire rated as per Australian Standard AS1530 Part 3 Early Fire Hazard Test.

Flashing Tape

VTACK™ Flashing Tape

- 725F: VTACK™️ Flashing, Joint & Seam Sealing Tape

The VTACK™ 725F Flashing Tape consists of an Aluminum/Glass Cloth backing material combined with an aggressive VTACK™ flame-retardant solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on one side, which gives it good adhesion to

many structures, covered with an easy-release silicone release paper liner.


Once this paper liner is removed, the VTACK™ 725F can be easily applied and ensuring good adhesion strength and long service life, without any mechanical fixing. This makes it very user friendly.

Seaming Tape

- 1509FR: VTACK™️ Hi-Tack Insulation Seaming Tape

VTACK™ 1509 Foil Tape

The VTACK™ 1509FR Seaming Tape is a premium grade Flexible Duct Closure Tape, 80u (3.2mil) is manufactured using a metallized PET film with thickened new VTACK™ formula cold weather solvent acrylic adhesive system. For ease of application, the tape is specially produced as a hand tear able and is also much tougher than traditional duct tapes, at the same time very conformable.


With super strong adhesion and holding power, the seaming tape is an ideal option for seaming the joints on permeable wrap insulation, as the tape offers a reliable and durable performance. Superior performance over a wide range of demanding applications and environments. 

VTACK™ Self Wound Foil Tape

Self-Wound Foil Tape


The VTACK™ Self-Wound Foil Tape is a nominal 50-micron silicon release coated aluminum foil backing, combined with a high-performance all-weather solvent VTACK™ acrylic adhesive.


The foil tape roll is supplied self-wound, which makes application so much easier and more appealing to installers, especially on site.

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